In 2006 we installed over 40 Mr. Slim systems a mix of cooling only units and heat pumps. I was so impressed with the operation or the Mr. Slim system that in the Fall of 2006 I installed a 22,500 BTU heat pump in my own home.


I own a split level house with three bedrooms, a sun room and the garage that is heated to 58˚F, with a square footage of 2176. The house has a 2 ton central A/C heat pump for the upstairs bedrooms and a 3 tom central A/C heat pump for the lower levels. I would use the heat pumps down to 40 ˚ F than the oil heat would take over sending hot water to wall convectors and the hot water coils in the A/C blowers.


We installed the Mr. Slim blower in the dinning room at the living room junction (see picture above), the condensing unit was located behind the blower outside on a pad. The air flow was directed into the living room and when in the heating mode the system also maintained a comfortable temperature in the upstairs bedrooms when the doors were left open.


The Mr. Slim system was the sole source of heat for the lower levels of the house for the main winter; on occasion the heat pump and hot water coil would be placed into operation. I was more energy conscious than I have been in the past and set the setback thermostat for the bedrooms at 64˚ F during the day. The house maintained between 68˚ and 71˚ most of the time without the use of the second floor heat pump or the hot water coil.


In the winter of 2005/2006 oil consumed heating my home was 792.3 gallons; in the 2006/2007 winter oil consumption was 555.8 a reduction of 236 gallons of oil which is over a 25% reduction. An increase in electrical consumption was offset by not using 3 ton heat pump. According to LIPA the average temperatures 11-1-6 through 5-8-07 in this area was 8˚F cooler than the same period last year.


In the Fall of 2007 I converted to gas heat and installed a dual Mr. Slim Heat Pump. A 12,000 BTU unit was located in the family room/office and a 9,000 BTU in the master bedroom. During the winter of 2008 the gas heat has only been used for radiant heat in the sunroom and kitchen with a hot water blower in the garage. The rest of the house is heated by Mr. Slim. The office and bedroom Mr. Slim units are occasionally used when the outside temperature is below 30˚ F or the room feels cool. I have followed my power consumption for the past 2 years and now my gas consumption, I feel confident that my energy usage has been reduced by more than 25% mainly due to the Mr. Slim system. The total cost for 29 days (1-10-08---2-8-08) of electrical usage and 29 days of gas consumption totaled 587.29 this includes gas cooking and clothing drying. With the oil heat I would use 200 gal per month, at over 3.00 per gallon my combine gas and elect usage was less than the oil alone.


Update May 20014. In 2010 I removed the 3 ton central system which was heating and cooling the first floor, as the Mr. Slim system has proven to be extremely reliable, much more efficient and greatly enhanced the comfort level. Also, in 2010 I had Solar panels installed. When the sun is shining my cooling of the first floor or, heating of the first and second floor are covered by the solar production.


Since the installation of the Mr. Slim 22,500 BTU heat pump in my living room in the Fall of 2006, the unit has been running  24/7. The only time the system is shut down is during 70° outside temperatures with low humidity (about 10% of the year) which is when I open the windows. To compare this Mr. Slim's operating time to a modern day car driving  2000 Hrs. during the course of a year at 60 miles per hour the car would clock 180,000 miles. Comparing to the car at 60 miles per hour to my Mr. Slim operated for 8,760 Hrs. less 10% for milder weather. The blower running 24/7 clocks 525,600 miles with the compressor cycling as needed (about 50% of time) which equates to around 262,800 miles per year. Taking into account that my system has been running for 7.5 years equals 1,971,000 driven miles. The blower has been running for 7.5 years with 65,000 Hours clocked equal to 3,900,000 miles driven. I have not needed to make any repairs to the system.


I am so pleased with the Mr. Slim system that I am using my home to showcase he Mr. Slim residential systems.

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