Why Mr. Slim Ductless A/C and Heating


1. Mr. Slim is manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric which is on the top of the list of high quality manufactures of duct-less A/C and heat pumps in the world.  The reasons the Mr. Slim line tops the list in quality, performance, comfort and energy savings is Mitsubishi Electric manufactures the majority of the parts and components that make up the Mr. Slim line and does not have to out source as most of the other A/C manufactures do.


2. The Mr. Slim Heat pumps are easily installed requiring a 3” hole for the piping and electric to go to the outside unit. The installation of a Mr. Slim system will not disrupt your house hold or leave construction dust over everything.


3. The energy savings the Mr. Slim line provides over gas and oil will range from 30-40% depending upon the number of zones in the house. Your comfort is enhanced over all hot water systems as the Mr. Slim system will recover the room temperature from set back 10 times faster than the hot water system and only using a fraction of the energy. (after a conventional hot water system thermostat stops the circulating pump the heat in the water within the pipes will dissipate into the space adding extra heat causing discomfort and wasting a large amount of energy). For a documented history of energy savings and a more detailed overview of the Mr. Slim operation go to anrtechnical.com.


4. The more independent zones any ductless heating and cooling system has the greater the energy savings and comfort level.


5. The single zone residential Mr. Slim Heat pump system are rated at 26 SEER when running at 100% when the unit runs on the average output the energy savings increased above 16 SEER.


Why Not Central Ducted A/C and Heating


1. The standard duct work on central A/C systems have established air duct losses in the 30% range, reducing the energy efficient of the system as much as the air losses.


2. The proper way to zone a central system is with independent units and duct work.


3. After market installation of central A/C makes a mess in the whole house requires closet space and soffit construction to conceal ductwork.


4. The Life span of central A/C is 15 years at which time if the blower needs to be replaced major construction may be required to remove the old unit and install the new. With the duct-less system repairs are simple with little disruption and dust.


5. In a relatively short period of  time (1-6 years) dust will start to accumulate, depending upon the circumstances quit often mildew and mold will grow also, requiring duct cleaning of the main duct and replacement of all the flexible duct work. Quit often the undesirable elements within the duct cause allergies and sickness with the cause never being known.


6. The outside noise level of a ducted central condensing unit is very loud, you can not hear the Mr. Slim unit more than 90% of the time.




1. When you choose to install the Mr. Slim environmental system you will reduce energy consumption by 30-40%, and increase your comfort level.


2. You have a redundant second heating system for each zone for no cost in multi systems.


3. Dust, mold and mildew have much less of a breading ground and can be seen and corrected with simple cleaning.


4. If you like the temperature a little warmer or cooler in one zone you can leave the other zones at energy savings levels and not worry about the electric bill.


5. With saving of 30% around 200 gallons,@4.50 per gallon = $900.00 for a small 3 bedroom home.


6. If all homes reduced their energy consumption by 30-40% imported could be cut by the same.



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